33 Hours – 2014

33 hours open - that’s the headline and purpose of this event at Radquartier

There are way more things to expect than just that 33 hours non-stop session taking place at indoor Xtreme sports place in Kirchenlamitz during the weekend of 20th till 21st of september 2014. One of the highlights will be the bagjump, located at the parking area, which supports you guys doing bold and crazy tricks - but safety first! Cable winch and motocross will help to get to a speed of Mach 3, so it doesn’t matter if you come around with scooter, bike, skateboard or BMX. On top of that, Peter Henke, pro mountain biker, will show up for that event to help with words and deeds. Show off your ability and win a prize at ‚best trick session‘! Our miniramp and various street obstacles are waiting for you, as well as an ExpoArea representing local and national exhibitors, a BBQ food truck and the Red Bull DJ Truck will be found outdoors.

In the evening the next highlight is about to happen: The Trampbike Championship! Athletes perform their dopest stunts with a dedicated bike on a trampoline - within 45 seconds. After qualifying, the final will show who’s the world’s best Trampbike jumper and who’s getting cash, material prizes and a cup. There can be only one! Everybody can join in, by the way! There’s no special qualification needed for that contest! Just to let you know, endless opportunities to win awesome stuff are given during the whole event! P.S.: 33 hours can be pretty long, so if you need some rest during that time, of course, sleeping is allowed at Radquartier - just bring along your sleeping bag!

In addition to that you can find some dirt cheap vacation apartments and boarding houses in Kirchenlamitz, where you can stay overnight!

33 hours event 2014 - are you fit enough?

This event is sponsored by: Red Bull, Eurotramp, Ghost Bikes, TSG, Bleed, Blackriver, Over, Radio Galaxy, Gravity Mountainbike Magazine, Madd Gear, Wärwolf Bmx

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Julian Bachmann`s seventy seconds

70 Seconds Bmx by Julian Bachmann - RadQuartier from RadQuartier on Vimeo.

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70 Seconds of Bmx by Willy Herrmann

Willy Herrmann from Dresden, 15 years old and have skills like the big ones. Take a look at these 70 seconds.

70sec BMX by Willy Herrmann - RadQuartier from RadQuartier on Vimeo.

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70 Seconds of Tom ,,Cat” – Skateboarding

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Red Bull Bikeparktour at RadQuartier

The Red Bull District Ride and therefore the mountain bike event of the year comes on the 5th-6th September 2014 back to Germany / Nuremberg.

Because of this superlative event, Red Bull will start before the bike park tour, which comes to us.

On Saturday 08/02/2014 so get the red bulls in the extreme sports hall Kirchenlamitz and accompany your day with Eventcar, music, BBQ and many more.

We look forward to seeing you at the Red Bull Bike Park Tour 2014 RadQuartier.

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Pumptrack at Dirtpark – Landesgartenschau Bayreuth fertig!

A new construction project of us comes to an end. The construction team of RadQuartier, Johannes Fischbach and Robin Specht have completed the first part of the new dirt park in Bayreuth for the Landesgartenschau 2016, and thus the pump track.

But not only the locals of Bayreuth are enthusiastic about the project, which will incur there until the end of the year, but also the media have frequently reported.

Nordbayrischer Kurier - Newspaper

BR - TV Channel

Radio Mainwelle - Radio

We continue with the construction in the fall of this year. Two dirt lines and an enduro track around the outside are planned to make the Dirtpark perfect.

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Wiwego Mountainbiketag at Wunsiedel

RadQuartier at the Wiwego Mountainbiketag Wunsiedel 2014 from RadQuartier on Vimeo.

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Red Bull Wings Academy

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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Hoftex Group Graffiti Event

RadQuartier at the Hoftex Graffiti Event from RadQuartier on Vimeo.

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(Deutsch) Wir suchen dich als Praktikant/in !

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